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Through this work - grounded in neuroscience and research - you'll discover and practice a way of being that is generated by a state of consciousness marked by a quieter mind, authentic compassionate presence, ability to dissolve non-truth, and deeply integrated purpose. This is the ground of being from which your action springs and with it comes spontaneous joy of existence.

What is your experience of presence? 

Welcome to the path of infinite discovery.  

Experience the greatest success by committing to 

sustainable growth, a full cycle of seasons



This work is in three stages:

I learn your needs and design a development experience to match. 

I guide the experience.

I help your organization integrate through practice of learnings.


Through stories, experiential elements and ancient wisdom, I inspire and engage your

audience about how to be

truly alive and connected

to self, others and Nature.


I guide custom retreats in wild places focused on

exploring human potential 

in the realms of

awareness, purpose,

compassion and insight.

Silence in Nature is cornerstone.

Our work together strengthens your innate capacity for showing up with presence informed by authenticity, directness and compassionate insight.


You will learn how to:









Develop and sustain self-awareness

Access calm, quiet, and focused mind on demand

Connect with self, others and Nature

Tap innate wisdom & unlock creative genius

Increase resilience and generative behavior in yourself and others

Influence and inspire with compassion and insight

Improve your relationship with stress

Experience real freedom and vitality, moment by moment

My retreats are designed to give you solitude and silence - the new luxury goods - and to provide inspiration, support, accountability, and the gift of shared experience. 

Want a discovery conversation to see if we're a match?

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