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Hi, I'm Dana.

I'll help you understand and free your mind...

Be resilient. Be connected. Be free.

Merge awareness with action. Live and work with purpose. Be kind, clear and direct. Stand for something.

Be compassionate. Be fully human. 

Which begs the fundamental question...

What does it mean to be fully human?


Quality of mind determines quality of everything else. What would be possible if you could free your mind? Mindfulness makes you sharper and able to dance with emotion instead of being in its grip. I will challenge you and teach you how to optimize inner clarity to leverage meaningful impact. What are you waiting for? 


Be who you were born to be. 


Make the impact you want to make. 

Love every minute.


Ready to go deeper?

Dana taught me how to access and fine-tune self-awareness, which has been the number one positive impact on my ability to lead my company, as well as every aspect of my personal life. 

She helped me refine my interpersonal skills and significantly improve my ability to be confidently decisive in situations of ambiguity.


C. Cunningham

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