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Wake up to the spontaneous joy of existence...

Self-actualization takes various forms and there are many doors into the same room.

Every engagement is custom and in partnership with your whole ecosystem. Whether it's just the two of us 1:1, or with your leadership team, whether it's in the board room, remote, the golf course or the river - our work is straightforward and cuts to the heart of the matter; no BS. I synthesize ancient and emergent technology to help you build a strategic framework for removing road blocks and unleashing your potential. This involves a radical new way of seeing, a way of looking under the layers and behind the mask to make the unconscious conscious.


This deep inquiry offers the highest level of personalized guidance and greatest opportunity for acceleration of learning and lasting change.

The navigation is in partnership and

I only accept 12 individual

full season clients per year.


Whether you're looking to craft a development opportunity for your leadership team or apply to one of my retreats, engaging this process with others is highly generative and the effects

last a lifetime. 

Dana provided us the tools and skills needed to improve and focus attention, reducing stress in our organization and leading to greater productivity. Remarkably, over the last year of working with our executive and employee base, 100% of respondents to a post-session survey reported reduced workplace stress, improved relationship to stress and increased capacity to pay attention and focus, which has made this an invaluable tool for us.




Mental Fitness

Embodied Integration


Fully Alive

Aligned with Purpose

Trusting life requires the deepest kind of listening. I will help you listen to the part of you that life is trying to wake. I will teach you how to cleanly access and develop your innate superpowers, merging awareness with action and consciously shifting from power-over to power-with. This work is highly personalized and often challenging as it includes experience at unfamiliar edges. 


With my support, you will:










Learn to live from the perspective of the big picture


Engage the hard questions and reflections about who you really are and what you really want

Examine your life patterns and the conditioning and beliefs that drive them

Identify and work through resistance you encounter, whether it's on or beneath the surface of things

Discover and align your purpose, intentions & behavior

Develop deep emotional understanding, compassion & insight


Engage daily awareness practices to build skill and capacity

Identify the source of joy and energy-building mechanisms

Integrate your internal and external worlds so that you operate as an intact, fully alive human living a richer, more satisfying life

Leadership is an

internal job – it's 

about optimizing internal resources for external results.

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