I am an expert in human nature & development.

Dana Menlove

Master Coach, Systems Strategist & Designer

I'm here to help you see the big picture and live an inspired life. From this perspective you can spot, understand, and clear blocks, switch-on potential, and skillfully move forward guided by your own compassionate insight. The work is grounded in growing in awareness and experience of profound connection. A coming home of sorts, which is to say, remembering you are Nature. This process of discovery is inspired by living the hard questions with a bias toward action. This is the elegance of aliveness.

Like you, I am powerful, steady, wild & deep.

Like you, I embody paradox and I live in the unknown.

Like you, I am a parent, a child, a partner. I am playful.

Like you, I am infinite.

Like you, I am the wilderness of this moment. 

I am a trusted guide through the terrain of transformation.

I grow communities of social and ecological impact leaders in sectors from high-tech and social enterprise to manufacturing and medicine. In addition to supporting and challenging leaders 1:1, I design and guide strategy sessions and lead transformational retreats in wild places. Over a lifetime of contemplative study and practice I receive steady guidance from my primary teacher: Nature. From living on remote mountaintops raising Peregrine falcons to advising in high-level political circles in Washington, DC; from the board room to the river, I am at home in my own skin. A devoted naturalist and fly-fisherman, I thrive in the mountains and rivers of Idaho and Patagonia. 

My ongoing study focuses on the human condition and cultivating clarity through direct, embodied, inner experience and the myriad ways awake awareness can inform leadership, business practice, and the world beyond. I'm interested in exploring the fundamental nature of being (human is Nature), consciousness, real connection, identifying what switches-on potential, and investigating what it means to be fully alive, including beauty, pleasure and spontaneous joy of existence. It's an honor to give back to my community by serving as mentor to others called to this field. I am an active practitioner in the Converge network for environmental and social impact, and a graduate member of the Earth Shakers Forum, dedicated to purpose and practice of creating personal and collective transformation through conscious leadership and business. I'm honored to be a guide for Middle Fork Rapid Transit, best outfit on my beloved Middle Fork Salmon River. 

My background of formal study and degrees include biology, psychology, blood memory and storytelling at University College Cork, Ireland, creative writing and literature from the University of Arizona with Alison Hawthorne Deming, Mind-Body Medicine with Jon Kabat-Zinn of the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, and Professional Yogic Education at The Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica with Don and Amba Stapleton.

Dana is my most precious resource as I seek clarity, focus and skill for solving critical challenges. She's a master of her craft, a trusted advisor, and has become a true friend. This is the best investment I've made in years. Highly recommended!


K. Bradley